We are happy to personalize tours to suit the needs and physical abilities of our clients,

which may include a journey to the western end of Bermuda, which is filled with Bermudian treasures - our South Shore Beaches, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Somerset Bridge, (the world’s smallest drawbridge), Fort Scaur and the Royal Naval Dockyard. Sandys Parish which includes Somerset, Boaz, Watford and Ireland Islands hold many hidden sightseeing treasures!

In the eastern end of the island, you will travel back in time with a visit to St. George, the first capital of Bermuda established in the early 1600s and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.  Some of the highlights in the town are the old State House, Somers Gardens, St. Peter's Church, the Unfinished Church and Fort St. Catherine.  Explore the Crystal Caves and other places of interest en route to St. George.

After exploring the quaint town of St. George, discover the centrally located modern City of Hamilton, with its historic and modern buildings. The unique features on the buildings preserve our architectural heritage, while accommodating the requirements of a modern business community.  The City of Hamilton, which was established as the capital of Bermuda in 1815, has become a bustling financial centre for international business and remains a shoppers paradise.

Contact us to arrange a tour suited to the needs of your party! Tour minimum eight (8) persons.

Please contact us via E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel: (441) 331-TOUR (8687) to set up a tour. 

Admission fees (where applicable) are included in our Tour prices. 

*Please note that access to some venues may not be suitable for wheelchairs.

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